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WTF, DC? Supergirl, Part Two: Linda Danvers

When DC debuted a monthly Supergirl series in 1996, readers learned that writer Peter Allen David (known colloquially as PAD) was taking a different approach to Superman’s female counterpart. She was now a teen runaway mixed up in petty crime … Continue reading

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WTF, DC? Supergirl, Part One: Matrix

1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was a housecleaning intended to sort out DC’s continuity problems once and for all. It had the opposite effect: rather than simplify things it made things stupidly complicated. The Legion of Super-Heroes, a group of … Continue reading

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WTF, DC? Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

In the wake of 2005/2006’s Infinite Crisis event, DC introduced the “One Year Later” storyline, which saw the company’s titles jumping (you guessed it) twelve months into the canonical future. It was a nifty trick that allowed writers to throw … Continue reading

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