NEW 52: Villains Month … sigh.


DC announced recently that September will be Villains Month. I’m delighted that Cyborg Superman is returning to the DCU, and I like that his cover is a nod to the green circuitry cover of Superman #82. I’m thrilled at the idea of Joker’s Daughter, Bizarro, and Reverse Flash making comebacks as well. I’m just not crazy about the idea that they’re doing it in the DCnU, a place where Lilith is an insane clown-faced girl with gouged-out eyes.

Bringing back fan favourites only to present radically-different versions of said favorites seems antithetical to the idea of relying on nostalgia to create hype, and comes off as yet another bait-and-switch guaranteed to send more of DC’s long-time readers scurrying to their competitors.

What else will Villains Month entail? Four different versions of each title that comes out that month (for example, instead of issue #7 of Justice League of America we’ll see the release of issues #7.1, #7.2, #7.3, and #7.4), each focusing on a specific villain. And they’ll all have 3D covers, because apparently nobody learned from the mistakes made in the 1990s.

Let’s not overlook the creepily blatant corporate synergy used to deploy this news, either: “exclusive” announcements via popular comic book sites USA Today, Huffington Post, and Maxim (alongside genuine comic book sites like Newsarama and Comic Book Resources).

I know people have been saying this since the New 52 began, but: how about a moratorium on the stunts and maybe just focus on making good comics, DC? Your Vertigo imprint just published Astro City #1, a continuation of one of the greatest comic series of all time. Maybe pin a copy of that to the wall above your desks.

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8 Responses to NEW 52: Villains Month … sigh.

  1. Ex-DC fan says:

    Gave up on DC months ago! The reboot is terrible! Till they bring back the classic DCU they have lost yet another customer…

    • starro says:

      Define the “classic DCU” as it has been at least twice before the New 52 (in addition to several soft-reboots in between).

      • I don’t use the phrase “classic DCU” at any point in this post, but I’ll define it anyway: everything pre-New 52, reboots (hard and soft) included. There was still a consistency between pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, etc.

        Do any of the characters in the DCnU have memories of the DCU?

  2. redrepub says:

    Speaking of Joker’s daughter. My fav incarnation was Harlequin (1970s version). She was a Teen Titan. She dressed like the Joker and wore roller skates! She ended up being Two Face’s daughter.

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  4. I liked the idea of Villian’s Month and I am not going to lie, I did think the idea of the 3D cover was cool though it bugged the hell out of me reading since I am so used to the glossy paper feel.

    • Yeah, when I saw the actual 3D covers I changed my mind a bit – I got the Green Arrow and the Aquaman ones and a lot of the other ones were amazing-looking but I didn’t exactly have the coin to pick them all up.

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