WTF, DC? Supergirl, Part Three: Matrix (Convergence)


So…long time no see. With the exception of Multiversity, Astro City, and Detective Comics, I’ve largely given up on DC for Marvel. Daredevil, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3000, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Gwen. And some Valiant titles here and there. Point is: no more DC, really, and as a result not much of a reason to maintain this blog.

When DC’s lastest universe-changing shake-up “event” Convergence was announced, it was revealed that some old-timey, pre-Flashpoint characters would be making a reappearance. Among them, my beloved Matrix Supergirl. Come April 15th, 2015, I rushed to my LCS to pick up a copy of Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix issue #1 (of 2!). Look at that Chip Kidd-designed cover! Oh boy!

The back pages of the floppy feature this helpful recap of Matrix Supergirl’s history:


Short and sweet. I’m not sure how much of a passing glance Keith Giffen gave to it, though, because he gets two things about Matrix Supergirl so fundamentally wrong that it’s hard to think he did any research at all.

Now don’t get me wrong – usually I love Keith Giffen. But he fumbles Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix pretty badly. For one thing, there’s this:


Lex barking orders at Supergirl. Saying, “You amoebic blob of matter!” Calling her an “imbecile” and a “shape-shifting cretin.”

Now, Matrix Supergirl’s long-haired, red-headed Lex Luthor may have been old, bald Lex Luthor posing as his own son. Lex may have brainwashed and romanced Matrix Supergirl into loving him so he’d have his very own S-shield-wearing weapon against Superman. And, sure, he may have cloned her to build an army of Matrix Supergirls.

But he wasn’t verbally abusive toward her.

It was in his best interest to keep her happy (and close). He wouldn’t have treated her like crap. He most certainly wouldn’t have called her names or questioned her intellect. He wouldn’t have treated her like a servant (well, he would have, but he would’ve done it sneakily, under the pretense of romance).

And Matrix Supergirl wouldn’t have put up with it. She stuck around because she was in love with the guy. And naive. She was a fish out of water. Not the eye-rolling yet loyal “bodyguard” presented by Giffen in Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix. Away from Luthor, she seems to do pretty good, puzzling things out, acting cute:


Punching Crisis on Infinite Earths‘ Lord Volt, long-deceased husband of L.E.G.I.O.N. member and Infinite Crisis survivor Lady Quark:


And while it’s nice to read that Princess Fern is alive in this reality, Lord Volt and Lady Quark are written as a repressed homosexual and an angry lesbian, respectively, which…in the words of Matrix Supergirl, “Who cares?” but also…it’s 2015. This can’t be what Giffen thinks passes as character development (or worse, comedy) can it?

Regardless, the book closes out with this little exchange:


“Kara”? Seriously?

Her name was Mae (short for “Matrix,” natch). At no point in her eight years of pre-Linda Danvers adventuring was Matrix Supergirl ever known as Kara. Kara didn’t exist after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Nobody would’ve thought to name her Kara because nobody had heard that name before (maybe Deadman on Christmas, but even he didn’t know who “Kara” was).

There is literally no reason for her to be named Kara other than Giffen being lazy and nobody in DC’s editorial department giving a shit about accuracy.

Mae. Her name was Mae. Also, this comic book sucked.

Keeping kicking dirt in the faces of your long-time readers, DC. Excellent marketing strategy. It’s why Marvel gets all my money these days.

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10 Responses to WTF, DC? Supergirl, Part Three: Matrix (Convergence)

  1. Thiago F says:

    I missed your posts, man! =)

    If you’ve ditched DC for Marvel how about a WTF, Marvel? The address seems to be available: =D

    Just, please, keep writing. I wish I could read you weekly somewhere.

    Anyway. Thank you very much. If this is the end, know you’ll be missed. =)

  2. At least it had Ambush Bug. ^_^

  3. Sir, please continue writing as I have just discovered this blog and wish to continue perusing your wares.
    The world needs more good blogs on comics. Writer about whatever the hell you want, whether you do it here or on another blog, make sure you post here to follow up and let people know what you are doing.

    I see no reason to switch to another blog, as you will lose traffic/hits. If you keep using this one, d do a couple posts explaining the new direction and you can do your own NEW 52 / Marvel NOW right here, reinventing yourself and writing about whatever you feel most passionate about at the moment.

    Apart from Batman, I feel that the current DC line up is a bit boring, but the current Marvel is one of the best in a while.

    So let’s look forward to more comic ramblings please!

  4. Hern Flynn says:

    CONVERGENCE was full of continuity errors, some by writters who actually worked in the eras! Such as Dick Grason of Earth-2 wearing his Bat-inspired outfit after Bruce-2 died – he didn’t, or Scribley a todlier in 1940 when he wasn’t, or Crimson Avenger alive in 1985 when he was killed off 4 years earlier,Plastic Man of Earth-X alive, when he wasn’t originally – it was not the multiverse as we left it!

  5. Jon Carroll says:

    it was just filler for them while they moved offices. They couldn’t have given a rats ass about any of it. That was apparent in every single issue. None of it had anything to do with the main convergence stories. None of the titles did. They didn’t move the plot at all. And most of the vs battles peetered out anyway.

  6. Bankotsu says:

    Where’s the DC Rebirth reviews?

    You got to write something on DC rebirth or it will be a betrayal of this entire blog!

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